Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Liz Torres feat. Edward Crosby - Can't Get Enough (Dub Version)

Just been reminded of this Stong Cold Classic and thought it was worth sharing. Dub, English and EspaƱol versions are all equally great. Heard this first on a Larry Levan mix and bought it staright away. Don't think it left my record bag all year which is EXACTLY where it's going. (Once I find it...)

Wrong Island 4th Birthday

Yup, so for four years now, myself and Larry have been quietly making lots of noise in the basement of Nice&Sleazy. Cannae believe it.
Things have gone pretty well for us so far, considering the choice you have in Glasgow and the added pressure of a) being a residents' night and b) being a pair of disorganised twats therefore finding it hard to get articles written about us.

Despite our best attempts at making our lives difficult, some people still seem have cottoned on. Resident Advisor just mentioned us in their piece on Glasgow clubbing which was a nice surprise considering a few of the bigger, bolder clubs aren't mentioned. OK, so we know Kit and he comes to the club a lot but still...it's nice.

Birthday mixes coming up soon on luckyme, Radiomagnetic and some other places...

Friday, 19 August 2011

Larry Levan & Sylvester at Paradise Garage 2nd Birthday

Thanks to the Niallist for this little gem. Not really much to say about this as it probably speaks for itself:
Paradise Garage 2nd Birthday

Talking of birthdays, Wrong Island's fourth birthday is in Glasgow next month. We'll be doing a host of mixes which we'll post up real soon.