Thursday, 6 October 2011

Xaver Von Treyer DJ mix for The Torino Scale launch

Our good buddy, Xaver's album The Torino Scale is out very soon on the ever pleasant Supersoul Recordings and as a bit of promotion, he's done a little mix for Allez-allez. You can get it here and you should cos it's rather good and I'm not just saying that cos it's got one of our remixes on it.

The album itself is a mighty piece of work which craftily blends italo, house and krautrock into something familiar yet entirely of its own. Very cinematic which is just as well saying as the album has been made in conjuction with Supersoul's creative director, Marek Polewski, so that each track comes hand in hand with its own video which forms part of an art installation event the first of which took place in Berlin last month.

I was sure I had links to the concept drawings and videos but for some reason I can't find them. Each track has video projections cast onto each wall of the room. the concept is pretty fantastic and the photos for the first show look like it worked amazingly well. I hope this comes to the UK at some point soon.

Here is a video with Xaver and Marek talking about some of the concepts.

Finally, the 'missing' track 'Device of the Devil' is coming out on a 111 copy ltd release 12" etched vinyl which just looks AMAZING.

Device Of The Devil (original version) by supersoulrecs

The mock ups of the 12" have the black vinyl etched with a ouija board and the outer sleeve is personalised with cut outs over the initials of each person who purchases a copy. A dream for a total geek like myself.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bin Raking Rules #2 The Runner

Runner Label

click the pic to download

I now own two copies of this Moroder produced gem: one red vinyl, one white. Neither cost me more than £1, thought the red one has a big warp in it. Not enough to make it unplayable but enough to make it a pain to DJ with.
I have heard tales of another less frantic, more soulful version which was never officially released but I haven't actually heard it yet.
I'm afraid I have little else to say as I am horrifically hungover after last night's party in Glasgow.

Bin Raking Rules #1: Summer of Dub

I have recently decided to set myself a wee challenge recently to try not to spend more then £4 on any record I buy for a whole year. I have to put my hands up here and say I only lasted about three weeks until yesterday I bought a copy of a rare boogie record I've had my eye on for a year.
That said though, every other record I've bought in the last two months has been less than £4 with most coming in at a quid or less. (So maybe I get away with the mean being <£4? Mmm...ok, no.)

I'm going to try to rip them all and get them up here as evidence that you don't need to spend loads of money to get old classics and that mp3's aren't any cheaper, though I do concede after moving my entire collection from Glasgow to London that they are easier to move about.

So first up is a sub £1 'take a chance' punt that I picked up a few weeks ago. Record hunting in second hand/charity shops can be a risky business as quite a few don't have listening stations so you often learn to buy by looking at a combination of label, producer, year and title to figure out whether or not something is worth a punt or not. It might be only a quid but there's nothing worse than gambling and going home to find the record you've taken a chance on is total guff.

I'm getting quite good at this after spending some time with the more encyclopaedically knowledgable David Barbarossa and together we've put together a few rules of thumb which I'll post up as and when I remember them.
(One that springs to mind is that any British record made between 1991-1993 that has the word 'hypno' in it is probably worth giving a shot.)

Today's rule is that the word 'dub' combined with a U.K. label circa early 90s is a good sign.

Click the picture for a link to a download.

Label picture

I can't give you any history on this track, band or label other than Breakthrough only appear to have released four records between 1992-1993. If anyone knows more, I'd love to hear from you.

This record also has a pretty good acid track on the A side which I'd've posted up too, only my record players are in storage at the moment.