Thursday, 17 March 2011

A dreamy mix from the archives.

So spurred on by Larry's excellent mix, I decided to do a mix with a theme. I've yet to decide what the theme will be so in the meantime here's something I did a few years ago which I found on my hard-drive which had a theme.
It was for my friend, Rob Theakston's morning radio show in Kentucky and was gonna be on the early slot so I thought it might be quite nice to have one half sort of like a dream, sweeping in and out and slightly surreal followed by lots of tunes to get people up and going in the morning.

Teamy's slightly high concept morning mix for radio free lexington, kentucky by teamy


A Lewisman in Exile - Sarah Jane Summers
P - Labradford
A Shapely Balloon - Ivor Cutler
100 Miles/Going Home To Live With Love - The Parsonage
Teamy's Alarm Clock
Wake Up! - The Upsetters
Good Morning, How Are You? SHUT UP! - Ivor Cutler
Don't Stop The Music - Yarborough and Peoples
You Gave Me Love - Crown Heights Affair
K Choppers - Mock and Toof
Piece of Mind - Linkwood
Open The Door (Truffle Club Mix) - Lynsay J and Sneak Thief
Jolene (Peter Visti edit)
Floating (Prinz Thomas Discomiks) - Jape
Rambha Ho - Usha Uthup

Friday, 11 March 2011

Inside The Mind Of A Creep // Mix (Larry)

I was trying to put a mix together towards the end of last year, just as my life was going through one of those shitty wee phases that come along every so often.

Without doing a great deal of searching I began pulling out records from my collection that were somehow reflective of how I was feeling at the time. It’s funny sometimes when my emotions are high, or low in this instance, that certain records seem to have a way of finding me, presenting themselves as some kinda emotional therapy for my problems, well I guess that’s one of the things that music does so well for so many people!

So anyway being the procrastinating fool that I am, it took me till March of the year 2011 to actually get round to finishing the damn mix and this is the end result…

Inside The Mind Of A Creep / Mix by Dirty Larry

I made a few changes to the original track selection from last year, as it was turning out to be a little bit too doom and gloom for my liking, and hey life ain’t all that bad right now! The result is still a pretty moody affair, quite dark, a little weird, seedy and ‘creepy’ for the majority, with of course moments of uplifting relief.

For those who know me (and those who think they know me), the title and concept of the mix will be apparent. Delve in.