Thursday, 6 October 2011

Xaver Von Treyer DJ mix for The Torino Scale launch

Our good buddy, Xaver's album The Torino Scale is out very soon on the ever pleasant Supersoul Recordings and as a bit of promotion, he's done a little mix for Allez-allez. You can get it here and you should cos it's rather good and I'm not just saying that cos it's got one of our remixes on it.

The album itself is a mighty piece of work which craftily blends italo, house and krautrock into something familiar yet entirely of its own. Very cinematic which is just as well saying as the album has been made in conjuction with Supersoul's creative director, Marek Polewski, so that each track comes hand in hand with its own video which forms part of an art installation event the first of which took place in Berlin last month.

I was sure I had links to the concept drawings and videos but for some reason I can't find them. Each track has video projections cast onto each wall of the room. the concept is pretty fantastic and the photos for the first show look like it worked amazingly well. I hope this comes to the UK at some point soon.

Here is a video with Xaver and Marek talking about some of the concepts.

Finally, the 'missing' track 'Device of the Devil' is coming out on a 111 copy ltd release 12" etched vinyl which just looks AMAZING.

Device Of The Devil (original version) by supersoulrecs

The mock ups of the 12" have the black vinyl etched with a ouija board and the outer sleeve is personalised with cut outs over the initials of each person who purchases a copy. A dream for a total geek like myself.

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